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When Daena Smoller and I took over the shuttered Vogue Theater on Hollywood Boulevard (2 blocks east of the Chinese Theater) on behalf of the ISPR – International Society for Paranormal Research, the ISPR became very active in the Hollywood Revitalization movement at the time.  We restored the theater (more than once) and became an active Hollywood ‘entity’, including joining the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

ISPR joins the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce in 1997.

ISPR joins the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce in 1997.

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MUFON Blast from the Past

This 1973 MUFON Journal was recently brought to my attention.  It’s interesting how it was posted on the Internet this past April (2013), yet it’s from July of 1973 – 40 years ago.  One day, I may recount my work and experiences in the southern U.S. states as MUFON State-Section Director (at the time, the ‘Midwest UFO Network’, prior to becoming the ‘Mutual UFO Network) but until then, enjoy this original MUFON Journal, SKYLOOK – and look for me near the end of the publication.

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