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DO VEGAS! Guests for January 2016

2 ITALIAN CHICKS Take Over DO VEGAS! Segment 4


January 2016 brings a fresh slate of featured Guests on Larry & Daena DO VEGAS! and, Las Vegas’ own 2 ITALIAN CHICKS, Vene Arcoraci and Francesca Marino, take over the weekly DO VEGAS show ‘Segment 4’ to bring their version of ‘doing Vegas’ to the massive audiences of – All Positive Web Talk Radio.

Stacy Rombach, Las Vegas Publisher

LAS VEGAS PET SCENE Magazine and HOMES ILLUSTRATED Magazine publisher, Stacy Rombach, joins DO VEGAS! hosts Larry Montz and Daena Smoller on January 7th for an upbeat conversation on Las Vegas and the efforts to help animals-in-need in the Entertainment Capital of the World.  Then, in Segment 4, Vene Arcoraci and Francesca Marino – the 2 ITALIAN CHICKS make their DO VEGAS! not-to-be-missed debut!


Charles Green on DO VEGAS!

Las Vegas’ own guru of health supplements, Charles Green joins a special HEALTH & WELLNESS – VEGAS STYLE edition of Larry & Daena DO VEGAS! Charles Green is the founder and president of MISTER GREEN GENES Nutrition Center where Charles is always sharing the science of health.  Looking to have a healthier year?  This is one show you won’t want to miss!


Christie Vanover of Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Christie Vanover has one of the coolest jobs going… catch this title:  Christie is the Public Affairs Officer of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior and for everyone who enjoys the great outdoors of the wild, wild west, this a DO VEGAS! interview just for you on January 21st!  From a ghost town that has reappeared to all the excellent activities that the nation’s original recreation area has to offer, this interview flies!  But like all new DO VEGAS! shows, you have the opportunity to catch it again with encore presentations, syndication and ON DEMAND!


Boulder City Hoover Dam Museum

Shirl Naegle, the auditor and manager of the Boulder City Hoover Dam Museum shares all kinds of amazing true-life stories with Larry and Daena about the building of Hoover Dam (originally called the Boulder Dam) and the why and how of the country’s first federally-planned city, Boulder City.  Shirl even had three uncles who worked on constructing one of the world’s human achievement wonders.  Las Vegas and national history buffs – this DO VEGAS! show on January 28th is for you!


Larry & Daena DO VEGAS!

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ASTON DO VEGAS! Special Offer

Larry & Daena DO VEGAS! is brought to you by the ASTON MonteLago Village Resort at Lake Las Vegas.  Use the DO VEGAS! code when making your reservations at the ASTON at Lake Las Vegas and receive 20% off the Best Rate Available on your stay!  The ASTON MonteLago Village Resort on the shores of Lake Las Vegas, features exceptionally appointed accommodations from studios, one, two and three-bedroom condo suites, two crystal-blue swimming pools, gym, and a slate of MonteLago Village dining options and activities.


Larry Montz and Daena Smoller of DO VEGAS!

Thanks for making Larry & Daena DO VEGAS! a popular show on and here’s to a fabulous 2016 programming year!






DO VEGAS! Radio September Guests

September means the kids are back in school and anticipation for the transition from summertime to autumn runs high!  And September 2015 means Larry Montz and Daena Smoller are celebrating one full year of the Larry & Daena DO VEGAS! show, produced for and syndicated by the pioneer in all-positive talk on the Internet since 2002, – All Positive Web Talk Radio!


Brandon Allen #30 of the Las Vegas 51s

Brandon Allen #30 of the Las Vegas 51s

Up first, is #30 for the Las Vegas 51s – BRANDON ALLEN!  Larry and Daena have Brandon explain a bit about his background and how he came to play for the Las Vegas 51s and then, the interview takes a bizarre turn and ventures off into territory most hosts and/or interviewers never travel.  But that’s what makes this interview a lot of fun and a favorite of both Larry Montz and Daena Smoller for where else would you hear the world’s original “PARA-CELEBS” speak about avocado desserts and dirty noses!     THANK-YOU to James Jensen and Jim Gemma and especially, Brandon Allen, for making this interview possible!


II Italian Chicks on DO VEGAS!

Vene’ Arcoraci Dixon and Francesca Marino are no strangers to the small and large screen or the stage.  And now, these two ladies are about to take Las Vegas by storm with their new stage presentation as the II ITALIAN CHICKS!  From the heavy metal scene to THE TONIGHT SHOW with JAY LENO and silver screen entertainment, Vene’ and Francesca have done it all and on September 3rd, the II ITALIAN CHICKS will help Larry Montz and Daena Smoller celebrate their one-year anniversary of DO VEGAS! following the Brandon Allen / Las Vegas 51s interview, and the high-spirited conversation and laughs are all for your entertainment!   Visit the II ITALIAN CHICKS here.


GP WALSH - 9.10.15

GP WALSH – Spiritual Teacher, Author, Radio Host, Speaker

GP WALSH is not a lightweight in the spiritual health & wellness arena!  The  well-regarded spiritual teacher, author and personal / professional coach has been teaching and healing for more than 3 decades.  And, GP is also the host of his own radio show, LAW OF ATTRACTION 2.0 – SPIRITUAL STRAIGHT TALK which attracts over 20,000 listeners a month.  His new book, THE TAO OF ALLOWING was released earlier this year and his CD of ‘mini meditations’ with Don McCarty, JUST ALLOW IT, is helping people everywhere!   Don’t miss this interview with GP WALSH on Larry & Daena DO VEGAS!  And if you do, aren’t you lucky that Larry & Daena DO VEGAS! interviews are available for 13 weeks thru ‘no app required’ ON DEMAND on the DO VEGAS! On Demand section of!   Visit GP Walsh here.


James Presley Band - 9.17.15

The JAMES PRESLEY BAND is one of the most sought-after bands in Las Vegas!

In the Entertainment Capital of the World, it’s exciting that one of the most sought after cover bands in Las Vegas joins Larry Montz and Daena Smoller to continue the 1-year anniversary celebration of Larry & Daena DO VEGAS! weekly online radio talk show!  The hosts have watched the crowds thrill to this band that covers everything from pop to new country – and the way the James Presley Band covers GIRL CRUSH and PONTOON, well close your eyes and you’d swear you were listening to LITTLE BIG TOWN!  Visit the James Presley Band here.


Chef Keidi Awadu and Living Superfoods for a Super Life!

Chef Keidi Awadu and Living Superfoods for a Super Life!

It’s nothing short of a super treat to do an interview with CHEF KEIDI AWADU, a man of many serious accomplishments but during this edition of Larry & Daena DO VEGAS!, the topic is eating for a healthy life with none of the same-old, same-old advice.  This is serious and pretty mind-blowing information and will definitely change the way you look at food!  Find out what it means to your body to eat bread crust, cooked vegetables, blackened foods and your favorite BBQ fare.  And calling all chocoholics out there –  Chef Keidi has you covered, too – in a great and delicious way!  Chef Keidi Awadu is the host of his own popular radio show, and a multi-time author, music producer and totally, your BFF in for a healthy kitchen!   Visit Chef Keidi Awadu here.


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