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Larry & Daena DO VEGAS! Internet Radio Show

In Vegas, locals and visitors alike have a lot to be thankful for in November, including the cooler weather.  Larry & Daena DO VEGAS! Internet radio show is showcasing several encore interviews with people and parties for which we all, should be grateful.

November 3  – St. Jude’s Ranch for Children – 50th Anniversary

November 10 – Feeding Hungry Vegas by Eating Out with LVIP Founders, Evan & Layla Green

November 17 – Stray Cats in Vegas – Better Lives with C5 and Heaven Can Wait

November 24 – Thanksgiving Holiday Encore with Vegas Strip’s Gregory Popovich


Larry Montz and Daena Smoller of DO VEGAS! wishes you and yours a fabulous November and Thanksgiving holiday!

Larry & Daena DO VEGAS! is produced for and syndicated by – All Positive Web Talk Radio.

DO VEGAS! November Guests

On November 5th, Larry Montz and Daena Smoller take you inside the Ethel M Chocolate Factory with Ethel M’s Stu Haack.  Join DO VEGAS! for an upbeat and delightful conversation – you’ll be amazed at the history behind the iconic Ethel M Chocolate Factory and it’s Cactus  Garden, all dressed up for the holiday season beginning November 10th!  And if you ever wondered if there was a connection between Ethel M and Forrest Gump as well as  I LOVE LUCY  or Uncle Ben’s Rice, you definitely don’t want to miss this interview!  And after November 5th, you can listen to this Larry & Daena DO VEGAS! show anytime for 13 weeks ON DEMAND at – All Positive Web Talk Radio.

November 12thThe IT Guy of Vegas, TOM LEE, joins Larry & Daena at the ASTON MonteLago Village Resort for an interesting conversation about IT (integrated technologies), pet rescue and the paranormal.  Get to know TOM LEE like Vegas does!

November 19thWONGU UNIVERSITY is the first and only university of Oriental Medicine in the state of Nevada and is exclusively sanctioned to grant a Masters of Science Degree in Oriental Medicine.  This edition of Larry & Daena DO VEGAS! is a fast-moving and fascinating conversation with WONGU UNIVERSITY’S Dr. Daniel Davies, Dr. Yeaji Suh and Sobhana Sucharitakul with expected conversations on using food, herbs and acupuncture for health and wellness and some very unexpected conversations, too!

November 29th / Thanksgiving – If you missed it before or just want to hear it again, it’s your chance to catch the Encore Presentation of the original Larry & Daena DO VEGAS! conversation with an international Star of the Las Vegas Strip, Gregory Popovich!  And while visiting Vegas, you can save on tickets with the exclusive DO VEGAS code for the POPOVICH COMEDY PET THEATER on the Las Vegas Strip (visit VegasRadio.Today Tix Specials)

Larry & Daena DO VEGAS! is produced for – All Positive Web Talk Radio, Syndication and 13 Weeks of ON DEMAND per show.  New DO VEGAS! shows enjoy a first-run on Thursdays at 2pm PST on, presented by the ASTON MonteLago Village Resort at Lake Las Vegas.

ASTON MonteLago Village Resort

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TOM LEE - The IT Guy of Vegas



Large Entertainment is on tap for July on the Larry & Daena DO VEGAS! Show

Large Entertainment is on tap for July on the Larry & Daena DO VEGAS! Show

America celebrates its birthday in July and Larry & Daena DO VEGAS! celebrates with fascinating guests throughout the month.

Just two days before the big July 4th holiday, Larry & Daena DO VEGAS! gives you an Encore Presentation of the original GREGORY POPOVICH interview, first released in September 2014.  The life-long, world-famous entertainer provides incredible insight to his early years in Russia, his schooling and becoming a world-class entertainer culminating with his own fabulous show right on the Las Vegas StripPOPOVICH COMEDY PET THEATER!

Week #2 and #3 on Larry & Daena DO VEGAS! brings you a special two-part interview with LARY GLEN ANDERSON!  Anderson is a long-time fixture on Las Vegas stages, entertaining in his own voice – and- covering a wide range of music in the voices of the singers who made the music hits… like Frank Sinatra, Willie Nelson, ELVIS (Anderson is the creator of ELVIS MANIA and a famed ELVIS impersonator around the country) and of course, his own biological father, the international pop singing sensation of the 1950s and 1960s, Johnnie Ray!   Anderson, also a published author, will share in this two-part exclusive interview, what it was like to meet ELVIS, work for and become personal friends with Michael Jackson, and other celebrities like Jane Russell and Jonathan Winters.    These are two one-hour interviews you will definitely, not want to miss!

Las Vegas Celebrity Stories will entertain you during the fourth week of July – these are personal accounts by Vegas hospitality and casino management icon, Curt Thompson.  From catching a Thanksgiving Day ride with the one and only, Sammy Davis, Jr., to the original Vegas performances by a man whose hips caused a commotion – Elvis Presley to the outrageous happenings during a first performance of the Las Vegas stage legends, Siegfried and Roy… and more!  Transport yourself thru another era of fabulous Las Vegas during this special encore presentation of Larry & Daena DO VEGAS!

The last week of July is fantastic interview with Museum Executive Director, Marilyn Gillespie, inside the Las Vegas Natural History Museum (in association with the Smithsonian Institution) where we’ll talk about dinosaurs (animated in the museum), their live sharks and other marine life, the museum’s own African  Savanna and Rainforest, prehistoric primates, Nevada’s own wildlife and more!  Find out more about this must-visit museum in Vegas – on Larry & Daena DO VEGAS!


Gregory Popovich 7.2.15

Lary Glen Anderson

Las Vegas Celebrity Stories with Curt Thompson

Las Vegas Natural History Museum

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Larry Montz and Daena Smoller

Larry & Daena DO VEGAS!

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