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GHOSTS - You Sure?

And why not?  Larry Montz is a professional field parapsychologist with over 4 decades of work and Daena Smoller is one of the original GHOST EXPEDITIONS researchers and the publicist for ISPR International Society for Paranormal Research.

In October, Larry & Daena DO VEGAS! features an up close interview with emerging Las Vegas artist, Nico Piscani, October 6th and October 13th.

Nico Piscani

And special DO VEGAS! encore presentations with topics of ghosts and UFOs celebrate the Halloween Season on October 20th and 27th with special guests Lary Glen Anderson and Franisha Latimore!


Larry & Daena DO VEGAS! is produced for and syndicated by – All Positive Web Talk Radio.   DO VEGAS! shows are available for 13 Weeks ON DEMAND / Podcasts.


DO VEGAS! August Guests


Larry & Daena DO VEGAS! Guests in October

October on Larry & Daena DO VEGAS! presents quite the mixed bag of treats for listeners.  Check out the line-up and we think you’ll agree!  First, to get you in the October HALLOWEEN / PARANORMAL mood, here’s one of Daena’s favorite film clips from a series of parapsychological field investigations in the Big Easy – over 12 years ago!


Now, for the DO VEGAS! Featured Guest line-up:

Brian Neely 10.1.15

BRIAN NEELY, Executive Director of STILLPOINT: Center for Spiritual Development 

If you’re expecting a low-key interview, you’ll be surprised!  The executive director of STILLPOINT has a great sense of humor and shares some fascinating aspects of his life, from Chicago to Guatemala … and all the while being informative, entertaining and uplifting!

And as we explained to Brian, we thought it would be good karma for us to schedule his feature interview at the very beginning of October, October 1st in fact, because after our next guest the following week, the DO VEGAS! shows become more, well, Halloween and/or ‘paranormal’ in focus!


Dr. Rhonda Henry 10.8.15


If you are overweight with health issues because of it; Dr. Henry understands as she’s been there.   As an adult in her 30’s, Dr. Henry took control and responsibility for her life and sought out information and help.  Her subsequent experiences and schooling put her in the position to create DR. HENRY’S HEALTH EXPERIENCE.  What’s it all about?  Tune in on October 8th and find out… as you enjoy her enthusiasm and inspiration in addition to her faint Toronto, Canada accent – it’s as lovely as she is!


UFOs & Aliens 10.15.15

On October 15th, Larry & Daena DO VEGAS! presents installment #3 of UFO’s & ALIENS… but this time, UFO enthusiast and experiencer Lary Glen Anderson joins Larry Montz and Daena Smoller.  And for the first time, DO VEGAS! has a Guest Host, Fran Latimore.  You’ll recognize her from her voice overs and the CREDITS page of VegasRadio.Today.

And in case you weren’t aware, co-host Larry Montz was an original State Area Director for MUFON in the early 1970s when MUFON actually stood for “MIDWEST UFO NETWORK“.    You’ll find Larry in the July 1973 issue of SKYLOOKThe Official Publication of the Midwest UFO Network.

If you’re into experiences regarding UFOs and ALIENS and the ‘first experience‘ for an Internet radio guest host, this is the show for you!


Terry Wickham - Oct 22, 2015

TERRY WICKHAM, director, producer, INDY filmmaker of Manta Ray Pictures and with a particular slant toward silver screen horror, is the featured guest on this encore presentation of Larry & Daena DO VEGAS!   Right now, Terry is shooting his portion of DEVIL’S FIVE.   How appropriate for the season!


DO VEGAS! Halloween - 10.29.15

DO VEGAS! original Guest Host Fran Latimore resumes the position and takes the microphone again in order to interview the ‘paranormal trio’ of Larry Montz, Daena Smoller and Lary Glen Anderson.   And how appropriate that the show will be on remote at the Nevada studios of (a wonderful sponsor of PETS in a NEON PARADISE).


And speaking about Halloween, the paranormal and with all the buzz around the remake of GHOSTBUSTERS, you’ll enjoy this 2005 theatrical featurette that ran in over 9,000 movie theaters that summer to promote the special edition  Anniversary DVD release that August.  SONY requested the services of Larry Montz for the featurette and Daena Smoller wrote his script and dressed the set.

Larry Montz Ghostbusters DVD


In closing, THANK-YOU to all the listeners of Larry & Daena DO VEGAS! in Las Vegas, the U.S. and around the world and here’s to your FABULOUS month of October!



This Thursday, join Larry Montz and Daena Smoller for the HALLOWEEN Edition of the Larry & Daena DO VEGAS! talk show, LIVE from ASTON MonteLago Village Resort at LAKE LAS VEGAS and produced for – All Positive Web Talk Radio.    After Thursday, listen again anytime for 13 weeks, ON DEMAND at



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Way up high in Malibu canyon country, overlooking the Pacific ocean, a witch on her broom – either having had too much to drink or speaking on her cell phone while flying (in the days before texting) – crashed into a telephone pole in a sparsely populated area. Larry Montz, investigator of the paranormal, arrives on the scene.”

Larry Montz Investigates

Larry Montz Investigates

Daena Smoller wrote the above when she found her photo of me from the late 1990s. And although I am not (nor ever been) an “investigator” on the fictional MGM / Trilogy Entertainment TV series, POLTERGEIST – THE LEGACY, the ISPR and GHOST EXPEDITIONS did participate in national contests for the TV series and a feature on GOOD DAY L.A. to promote the series moving from one network to another. And, an MGM executive for the TV series worked as an honorary ISPR investigator beginning in 1997… I’ll share those stories in upcoming blogs…so stay tuned!

Daena insisted that I create the Larry Montz Photography website at to share some of my favorite photos; some taken professionally and others were shot on my own time.

Already, is a quickly growing project. Photos are from cool places and celebrities doing their thing and interesting events as well as nature and wildlife. You’re invited to visit and I’ll entertain you with snippets of my life as I saw it through my lens.

When Daena Smoller and I took over the shuttered Vogue Theater on Hollywood Boulevard (2 blocks east of the Chinese Theater) on behalf of the ISPR – International Society for Paranormal Research, the ISPR became very active in the Hollywood Revitalization movement at the time.  We restored the theater (more than once) and became an active Hollywood ‘entity’, including joining the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

ISPR joins the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce in 1997.

ISPR joins the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce in 1997.

See more at the HOLLYWOOD PARANORMAL board on Pinterest.

MUFON Blast from the Past

This 1973 MUFON Journal was recently brought to my attention.  It’s interesting how it was posted on the Internet this past April (2013), yet it’s from July of 1973 – 40 years ago.  One day, I may recount my work and experiences in the southern U.S. states as MUFON State-Section Director (at the time, the ‘Midwest UFO Network’, prior to becoming the ‘Mutual UFO Network) but until then, enjoy this original MUFON Journal, SKYLOOK – and look for me near the end of the publication.

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